Yoga Education in Schools

Educating the Body and Mind


The Association for Yoga Education in Schools (Y.E.S.) was founded by educators and yoga teachers with an aim to provide a platform for an exchange of ideas which promote Yoga Education for Children in many different environments.

The goal of Y.E.S. is to make Yoga Education available in schools, whether as part of a Board of Education (BoE) or a privately run Yoga School, staffed by teachers well trained in Yoga and Child Development and Pedagogic.

The Purposes of the Association are:

  1. To encourage the study and practise of Yoga by teachers, parents and educators for furthering the bodily, emotional and intellectual well-being of themselves and their students.
  2. To provide BoE teachers with knowledge of Yoga and how these techniques can be used in the classroom to promote an ideal learning environment.
  3. To provide Yoga Teachers with background for teaching children, e.g.: physiological and cognitive developmental capabilities, teaching methods, i.e.: Yoga for Children, etc.
  4. To provide all teachers of children with some well thought out ideas for developing a balanced personality in the child. The physical, emotional/behavioral, intellectual/creative and the intuitive aspects of personality should be harmoniously stimulated and integrated for a well balanced individual.
  5. To encourage the interaction, through the newsletter and workshops and camps, between teachers in different countries, different cultures and different races to further our sum total knowledge about children and Yoga.

If you would like to read further, Swami Arundhati has released at article entitled “Yoga and Education.” Please click the link to read the article.

For Information about Y.E.S. membership, seminars or workshops please contact:

Swami Arundhati Saraswati Sannyasi Nawaratri

aka Janie Lee Lauer aka Ayesha Venkatrao-Holcombe

837 Smith Road 3600 John Simpson Trail

Ancaster, ON L9G 3L1 Austin, TX 78732

Canada USA

1-905-648-1525 1-512-266-9862